MK-09 Knife Fans Feedback

MK-09 Knife Fans Feedback

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Bemi Brooks

After buying the mk-03 and falling in love with every single thing about it, I decided I would buy the mk-09. It’s my first front flipper and I am sold! Harvey Linn (Rattle Snake) is a truly gifted individual. I own several more knives that he designed. He also does work with sixleaf and twosun. Every one of the knives he designed are great for edc. I own several “grail” knives that were in the $500 range that can’t even sit next to the quality of Mocenary. It’s like they are giving these away at this price point. I paid $92 for this one. Any other company would charge $500-600 for equivalent materials and workmanship.

Christopher D Senn

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